Scoring and Results

  • You need a race clock. 

  • You need finisher cards or a computerized timing system (chips, bib bar codes, etc)

  • You need volunteers to hand out finisher cards and to keep runners in order.

  • You need volunteers to tally the results.  They need experience or need to rehearse the process before race day.

Any type of computerized scoring and tabulation requires data entry.  Runners have to be entered in the database before the race begins (ideally not on race day although some race day registration is inevitable).  Make sure that you make allowances for this so that the race starts on time.  Figure on one to two hours of data entry for every 100 runners.


A laptop with a spreadsheet is not computerized scoring.  A spreadsheet cannot sort runners into age groups without special preparations (macros, programming, pre-entered age groups, etc).  In our experience spreadsheets are a miserable failure, and always take longer than simply sorting the finisher cards (which requires no data entry).  Click for Example of Finisher Board (courtesy of Tom Wolter)


Click here for details on manual scoring 


Click here for REAL racing scoring software

Here are 3 professional timing organizations that can do it all for you:


           V Fit Productions (local company)
                 2001 S.Staples Ste 202 Corpus Christi, TX 78404 361-442-4081

  • RRP Timing Desc of their services Redemption Race Productions 210-912-8874

    Athlete Guild  

  • We discourage all race directors from using ACTIVE.COM. They use tactics on their registration site to
            gain other services that the user (race particpaant) may not be completely aware of. If you choose to use this         service please make available a MAIL IN form for your participants to use instead.


This is your most important responsibility.