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Available through the Corpus Christi Roadrunners.

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CCRR Terms & Conditions to post your event on our website.

The Corpus Christi Roadrunners are under no obligation to post an event and reserve the right to refuse a posting.  Postings are first come first serve basis.

We do post events as a Free Service.  We will advertise your event on our website and will include it on our club Email.

We do prefer to list races / events that include running, walking and multi-sport events that include running or walking.

We do not time or organize races. Please see our How to organize your race page for

more information on timing companies.

You and your organization are responsible to obtain all insurance required, permits, volunteers, equipment, bibs, refreshments, water stations etc. needed for your race. (If you would like to speak with CCRR president for more Race Organization advise please email:

Please provide the following information for clarity and successfully communicating your event to the public.

Note: BOLDED items are the minimum information required.

Email the above information to: